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Thursday, Jan 28, 2021


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Agenda 2045

A hundred years after World War II, where will Europe stand by 2045?

Agenda 2045

| Reportage

| 11 min

Investigation Manipulation in the Ibiza Affair

Editor's Pick

             Nice and trenchant. That may be right in this current situation - but reducing the eastward expansion to that is not enough. For the author, at least one thing should be clear: The rule of law in Poland and Hungary is only on the EU agenda and on the front pages for this reason. That is good and drives the deepening that is being addressed here. ... See more

Paul Ostwald

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Most contested

             An exciting interview with critical questions that I would never have read in German media. Hats off to Mr Kolanko and Ms Lesnicka and thanks to Forum for the platform to share and read such articles.... See more


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             The UN Security Council, by Security Council Resolution No. 1033 of 16.12.1995, unanimously authorized NATO to send troops to Bosnia to effectively complete the UN mission. The 15-member Security Council vote provides the legal basis for NATO's plan to deploy 60,000 troops to implement the peace agreement. NATO Supreme Command Europe General George Joulvan after a meeting of the NATO Permanent Council: “I gave the order to start Operation JDC Endeavor. Our task is clear, it is limited by the time frame and scale. The support forces are in place, the main forces are ready. The plan calls for a sufficient number of combat units to be transferred to Bosnia within 96 hours to have formal grounds for the transfer of authority from UN troops to the Peace Implementation Force (PIC). After defining and agreeing on all tasks, an operational directive for the operation was prepared for the Russian brigade. I will cite this unique document in full. December 21, 1995 OPERATIONAL DIRECTIVE OF THE SEPARATE RUSSIAN BRIGADE FOR OPERATION "JOINT INDIVOR" Colonel General L. Shevtsov - Deputy for Russian Forces Colonel A. Lentsov - brigade commander. Subject: Operation JOINT INDEVOR (Joint Efforts).... See more


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