Meet the team

  • Valentin von Albrecht


    Valentin is a proven innovator, contributing his skill set and experience to building sophisticated software platforms.

  • Diogo Q. Andrade


    Diogo is a journalist and academic focused on the intersection of geopolitics, technology and culture, who has led several innovative newsroom initiatives.

  • Jonas Bedford-Strohm


    Jonas has conducted research on political and media ethics and manages digital transformation projects at a public broadcaster.

  • Peggy Corlin


    As a journalist with a background in EU affairs, Peggy has covered the news as a writer and TV producer for French, Belgian, and British Media.

  • Hannah Jaques


    With a degree in English literature, Hannah has been applying her linguistic skills to improve AI-powered translation software

  • Caroline Jebens


    Caroline taught and worked at Universities in the US and Berlin, and covers culture, media, and art for major German news publications.

  • Emilie Kodjo


    Emilie has led several initiatives connecting journalism, civil society, politics and finance, to promote and innovate the publishing world.

  • Maria Clara Montoya


    A Journalist enthusiastic about international affairs and Innovation, Maria Clara has worked as a correspondent in Europe and Latin America.

  • Paul Ostwald


    Besides writing for several European newspapers as a journalist, Paul co-founded a data-journalism platform and an academic journal for refugees.

  • Djan Giray Sauerborn

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief

    Djan led the editorial strategy and processes of a policy think tank and advised bodies of the European Union and the United Nations.

  • Aleksander Palikot


    Aleksander is a journalist covering politics, society and culture in Central and Eastern Europe as well as a researcher interested in the sociology of knowledge.

  • Miriam Schimka


    Miriam is an experienced project manager in Finance, an entrepreneur and an expert in change management.

  • Christos Stasinopoulos


    Christos covered European and International news for Greek media publications and worked as a press officer on immigration policy.

  • Nikolaus von Taysen


    As a serial entrepreneur with a principal background in FinTech, Nikolaus is now pursuing ventures impacting the common good.

  • Priscilla Tenggara


    As a social media expert, Priscilla combines her background in digital marketing and content creation to help brands scale internationally.

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