Weimar Triangle

The Weimar Triangle: Episode 1 Disinformation and Troops on the Move

The Weimar Triangle, a Forum podcast focused on understanding Europe from its new post-Brexit power centre. Our journalists in Paris, Berlin and Warsaw discuss current affairs and share different perspectives and opinions on what and who shapes Europe every week. 

Episode 1: Disinformation and Troops on the Move 

The EU just called out China and Russia as the main culprits of the ongoing Coronavirus  “infodemic”. Things in the public sphere are getting serious and heated, with social media giants now having to deal with increased pressure from political leaders all over the world.

While this happened online, we witnessed offline announcements on withdrawing and re-stationing troops in Europe. The United States are moving soldiers out of Germany, and Poland has already said that it would very much enjoy their presence. This adds an additional pitfall to the relationship with Macron, especially regarding how to deal with Russia and how to navigate the future of NATO.

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