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Nikolaus von Taysen

CEO & Co-founder

As a serial entrepreneur with a principal background in FinTech, Nikolaus is now pursuing ventures impacting the common good.
Paul Ostwald

Editor-at-Large & Co-founder

Besides writing for several European newspapers as a journalist, Paul co-founded a data-journalism platform and an academic journal for refugees.
Christos Stasinopoulos

Managing Editor

Christos has covered European and international news for several Greek media publications. He has also worked as a press officer on immigration policy.
Miriam Hymer

Editor & Newsletter Manager

Miriam has a background in languages, culture and translation, and has previously done work for a variety of advocacy and media organisations.
Adrian Bono

Partnerships Lead

Adrian is a journalist with over 15 years of experience in the industry covering the Americas and the founder of two digital media companies in Argentina and the US. He currently focuses on politics and disinformation.
Aleksander Palikot


Aleksander is a journalist covering politics, society and culture in Central and Eastern Europe.